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The Students' Union Emergency Aid Programme

Not a penny left and no help in sight?

You are not alone. Thousands of students lost their income during the Corona crisis. Federal and state sponsored aid packages were extremely slow to unfold. Now that they are finally here, we see many people not receiving any aid, despite their need. 

This is why the Students Council approved a statute for an emergency aid grant. If nobody else helps us, we'll have to show solidarity on our own. Through the programme students in financial need can apply for up to three months of aid according to individual needs (up to the BAföG maximum, currently 861€/m).

This programme was set up especially with those in mind who unsuccessfully applied for the federal grant (BMBF Überbrückungshilfe) through the Studierendenwerk.

A commission of five students will be set up to decide over the grants. If you are interested in helping us by becoming a member of the commission write an e-mail to the Student Councils managing board (Geschäftsführender Ausschuss, GA).


  • 27.07.: Approval of the statute by the Student Council
  • 06.08.: Submission of the statute to the University's rectorate
  • 24.08.: Approval of the financial funds for the grant by the Student Council
  • 26.08.: Approval of the statute by the rectorate
  • 07.09. (soonest): Publication of the statute in the university's official gazette, coming into effect of the statute
  • After legal validity of the statute: Election of the allocation commission
  • Allocation of the first grants estimated begin of winter term 20/21

The statute as approved by the Student Council and rectorate (pdf, in German):

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