Emergency Aid

... by your fellow students.
Every student enrolled at the university of Tübingen can apply with the students' union for financial aid: our emergency aid programme (Notlagenstipendium).

von Studis für Studis

The Student Council established an Notlagenfonds von 80.000€ (Stand November 2022) im Haushalt der Verfassten Studierendenschaft eingerichtet. Geld, das alle Student*innen jedes Semester an die Studierendenvertretung zahlen, wird so solidarisch an die verteilt, die in existenzieller Not sind.
Because a successful course of study should not depend on the size of your or your parent's wallet.


  • You are demonstrably in a financial emergency
  • You have no short term liquid funds you could use
  • In particular: the continuance of your studies is endangered, you can't afford rent or food


  • Förderhöchstdauer: drei Monate
  • Fördersumme: soviel, wie du benötigst, maximal BAföG-Höchstsatz (ohne Krankenkasse) pro Fördermonat
  • Independent from your parents' and relatives' assets
  • repayment-free

To apply for emergency aid, you need the following:

For reasons of data protection, all documents must be sent by post to the bureau of the Students' Union (Verfasste Studierendenschaft, Wilhelmstraße 30, 72074 Tübingen). If special circumstances make it impossible for you to do so please contact us via notlagen@stura-tuebingen.de.
Anträge die uns ohne vorherige Absprache nur als Email erreichen, müssen wir aus datenschutzrechtlichen Gründen leider ungesehen löschen.

Download: the statute which is the legal basis for the allocation of emergency funds (only in German, sorry!)

Allocation Commission

The emergency aid grants will be allocated by a commission consisting of five students . A minimum of two have to be women and no more than two shall belong to the same faculty (by major). This way, we want to make sure that the allocation commission resembles the student body as well as possible, despite of its small size.
To ensure cooperation with the rest of the Students' Union at least two members shall be members of the Student Council.

Tübingen Students' Union