The Students' Union

The students' union consists of all students and Ph.D. candidates who are enrolled at the University of Tübingen. It is a corporation under public law and as such has full legal capacities.
As legal form, it was reinstated in 2012 after a 35 year break. It was abolished in 1977 for partisan reasons by the state government of the time. In the meantime, the "official" student representation consisted of an AStA (general students committee) which was dependent on the rector's office. As the AStA had an extremely limited scope of action, the plenum of faculty student representatives ( Fachschaftsrätevollversammlung ) formed the independent student representation.

The Students' Council (Studierendenrat/StuRa)

The Students' Council (StuRa) is the main decision making and representative body of the Students' Union. We represent and lobby in the interests of all students towards the university and beyond.
We support students' projects for example by covering travel expenses and fees for speakers, but also other costs. This applies to all events through which political and cultural education is brought to the university. We also lobby directly for the issues concerning students by taking part in higher-education political proceedings. For instance, we coordinate with the student representatives on the university's committees and its senate. Most of our work happens in working groups, who operate with a grassroots approach and are open to everyone. This means you can attend meetings any time you like and participate directly.

The 21 members of StuRa are elected once a year directly by the students and regularly meet in public sessions at Clubhaus. Click here to see the current composition of seats.

Tübingen Students' Union